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SEO, or search engine optimization, has remained the hot acronym in website development. Web designers know it and business owners want it. However, there is a myth around SEO most business owners and developers feed into. Many turn to SEO as a plug-in-play method for drastically boosting search engine results. While the end game desire does involve climbing up the search engine ladder, it is not as simple as simply entering in a few new keywords, making some general adjustments and just following steps down a checklist until the website receives perfect optimization. Web developers and SEO resellers promising this either don’t know what they are doing, or they are attempting to slip one past business owners who don’t know any better. In reality, SEO is a fluctuating set of guidelines, each of which is fluid in nature and continually evolving. For a business to truly harness the power of boosted search engine results, it needs specialized alterations to the site, targeted specifically for the company itself through in depth analysis and analytics. This is exactly where United Cyber Development comes in.

What You Were Taught To

Believe With SEO

If your business has ever investigated SEO online, talked with another service provider or attempted to pick up books and do it yourself, there are a few basics you’ve probably come across. First, everything revolves around keywords. Keywords make the Internet world go round and draw in new clients. You probably also learned about meta tags, backlinks, H2 headers and so on. Now, the information you received does have some merit, but the fact of the matter is all of these so called SEO boosting variables are, in many cases, fraught with problems. Either outdated or not used in the correct manor, changes to these areas of your website might bring in slight improvements to search engine rankings, but not what you’d expect, and not what United Cyber Development can provide you.

What is Wrong With These

SEO Services

It all comes down to how everything is implemented and the evolution of search engines. Start by looking at keywords andlongtail keywords (a string of words put together). Keywords have gone through a rather interesting evolution in the world of search engines. When Google, Yahoo and other search engines first started out (anyone remember Ask Jeeves?), search algorithms were not complex by any stretch of the imagination. Website designers quickly discovered if they simply used a particular keyword more than the competition, their website would appear at the top of search engines. Due to this, designers would often type a given keyword hundreds of times at the bottom of the page. Website developers have come a long way, yet still, far too many designers and content creators are overly focused on keywords. They want a certain percentage of the text to include a given keyword. This, currently, is no longer necessary.

Using a specific search term inside of the text is still important, but don’t confuse using a keyword and stuffing it. Search engines have reached a point in time where it can detect the use of a keyword once inside of a website and still rank it high due to other qualities of the site. So, while the use of keywords inside a website still matters, overusing it simply to include the word now comes as a detriment.

Other SEO companies may push the importance of meta tagging. Here’s the thing with meta tagging. It really doesn’t help a website’s search engine optimization at all now. When meta tagging first came out, search engines used this information to help identify specific keywords within the text proving important. However, search engines are smart enough now to not need this kind of information. A meta description can assist search engines with the small blurb placed next to a Web link, but if a company is over pushing the importance of meta tagging in modern Internet design, you should look elsewhere.

Now, as for H2s, section headers and backlinks, these do still have an important role in how a website performs with search engines. Section headers makes content easier to scan, which is helpful for visitors. Pumping keywords into these section headers doesn’t necessarily need to happen, as the headers do not receive the same amount of weight as they did a few years ago. Backlinks remain important, but fraud backlinks can cause far more damage than anything else. The act of sharing backlinks just to boost SEO now can come with a penalty. Additionally, connecting backlinks to social media posts, while helpful in spreading word of the company itself, doesn’t actually go into boosting SEO. Only quality links from blogs and authoritative websites helps. So, backlinks are still beneficial, when used properly.

What Makes

UCD Different

United Cyber Development isn’t a cookie cutter SEO provider. The company doesn’t just have a list it checks off while working with your website and, when done, closes up shop and moves on to the next customer. While the company does have specifics it looks into, the company understands every single website it works on and every business it works with is different. Different companies have different sites with different needs and requirements. While the cookie cutter approach might work in some cases with individuals or blogs, it doesn’t in the professional, business world. What United Cyber Development does is take an analytical approach to looking at the website, identifying what works, what doesn’t and what needs to change.


In Depth

A website is not just a place to do business and to reach out to potential customers, but it is a living, breathing work of art. Every pixel of information on the site needs to have purpose and maximized to the greatest efficiency. If it doesn’t, the pixel is worthless. With millions of other websites out there, having worthless pixels simply isn’t advantageous. United Cyber Development sets out to identify these weak elements of the website and either change it or remove it.

All of this starts by understanding the business first, followed by the customers. Understanding the business inside and out allows United Cyber Development to edit and improve a website to properly reflect the identity of a company. It needs to share the same goals and business model while also informing visitors of this very same information. A potential customer who arrives at the website should come away with a comprehensive understanding of the company and what it stands for. Additionally, by looking at the key sales demographic, United Cyber Development can tweak and alter the website to better fit the needs of these individuals. A just out of college working professional looks for different information out of their websites than a Baby Boomer looking to retire and relocate. By obtaining this better understanding, United Cyber Development can alter every other SEO element to fit these specifics.



With an understanding of the business and the client demographic, customizing specific SEO variables comes next. United Cyber Development uses careful analytical data to determine the best keywords to use within the text. The company does not recommend overusing the words or inserting the words just for the point of insertion. Website design is all about the content, so content must prove insightful and informative without coming off as pandering or fake. In the modern world of search engine optimization, using a keyword phrase twice or even once on a single page can suffice, when done properly. United Cyber Development can help any business website improve search engine rankings through this vary manor.

Cataloging a website into multiple search outlets is a vital way to boost Internet traffic, yet far too many websites fail to do this. Image and video searches are some of the most popular in the world. While Google stands as the most used search engine, do you know what the second is? No, it’s not Bing, Yahoo, or anything of that nature. It is YouTube. YouTube receives more searches than any other search engine not named Google. This shows the importance of expanding outward and taking advantage of both images and videos on a website. Individuals do not need to be on YouTube to view a YouTube video. Video searches made in Google brings up these videos. Often times, a video or still image can say more than a block of text can. United Cyber Development can assist not only with the placement and development of this content, but with the creation of tags, descriptions and titles, all of which are very important in ensuring the media is properly cataloged in search engines.

SEO Evolves, So Should

Your Website

SEO remains a very fluid, evolving entity. It does not say the same for long. Search engines are continually altering how search results are ranked in an attempt to ensure only the highest quality content appears at the top. The major failure of many SEO service providers is the companies offer a limited time service, plug in some general SEO fixes, then wash their hands clean of the website in order to move on to the next client. United Cyber Development does it differently. The company works to improve SEO but it also monitors and continually alters the content, display and information available on the website. This keeps the website fresh, actively crawled by search engines and helps it stay in line with all of the recent changes made to search engine optimization.

For businesses looking to boost their online presence and outreach, they need a professional service with an eye towards the future. United Cyber Development is that company and is around to help every step of the way.

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