That’s So 90’s – Pepsi Launches New Marketing Campaign

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Remember this?

How about the times you and your friends would bet on who would make it all the way through the Oregon Trail and not die of dysentery?


Well, Pepsi has just launched their new marketing camaign, which is completely going against all the standard rules of marketing.

Normally, marketing campaigns deploy a sense of superiority over the next leading brand by being the latest thing. However, Pepsi took an entirely different direction to launch their new “Crystal Pepsi”.

Instead they brought back the 90’s.

Pepsi Oregon Trail

Click the image to play the game.

The game includes all the classic 90’s stuff: Floppy disks, mixtapes, pagers, fax machines, scrunchies, bucket hats, and more.

At the bottom of the page they even link to the classic Pepsi website from 1996.

For Geeks

I found it funny that they tried their best to code the website with as much classic coding practices as possible, meaning they went back to tables rather than div-nesting.

It is cool to see modern web technologies used to re-purpose old designs. If it were 1999, this website would have been made in flash, however because it is 2016 and flash is obsolete, it was built with Phaser.js, the HTML5 game framework.