The US Government Has Gone Too Far With Privacy Violation – Plan To Make Secure Communications Illegal


The Bill

Senators Richard Burr, Republican-N.C., and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., are in the process of writing a new bill entitled, “Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016”. However, it should be entitled, “Ban Strong Security in America and Make All Major Tech Corporations Leave the Country”.


What This Means

Essentially genuinely secure communications within US borders would become illegal. It would become impossible for corporations and software companies alike to maintain a secure platform for their customers.

Within Section 2.4 of the Bill it ironically states that “all providers of communications services and products (including software) should protect the privacy of United States persons through implementation of appropriate data security…” then proceeds to state in Section 2.5 that, “all persons receiving an authorized judicial order for information or data must provide, in a timely manner, responsive, intelligible information or data…”


Why This Does Not Make Sense

Companies that deploy encryption protocols do so with the intention of protecting the user’s, or customer’s, data to ensure that only those users could access their data. However, if companies were one day required to deploy key-based encryption protocols, this would completely break the entire encryption system.

It is a unanimous agreement amongst cryptographers and security specialists that key-based encryption protocols do not work because the database full of the keys to said encryptions is vulnerable to access.

Let’s say a company’s database becomes compromised. Well, now all of those keys are in the wrong person’s hands and your data is at the will of their actions.

This would essentially make all online payment platforms, including banking, extremely vulnerable to a complete economic meltdown.


Why This Is Happening

 It is not a coincidence that amidst the Apple Vs. FBI situation that has flood our news-outlets regarding encryption and the US Government demanding access to whatever they desire, that a bill enters the Senate demanding to make encryption illegal.

This Bill is the product of the snowball effect due to the US Government and data-privacy concerns.

This bill goes against everything that the US stands for; it will indefinitely cripple America.

The US even released a statement to the UN on February 27th of 2015 stating, “In the United States, there are no laws that prohibit the development or use of encryption or anonymity online.”



The United States needs to accept the fact that they cannot control every aspect of each individual’s lives and claim it is a ‘security concern’. When in reality, it is an even larger security concern for them to ban encrypted data-communications. This would not only cause an even larger increase in cyber-attacks on American businesses, but it would completely cripple the US economy in more ways than one can imagine.