Why Is Google Chrome Getting Rid of Flash?

In December, Chrome 55 will make HTML5 the default experience, except for sites which only support Flash. For those, you’ll be prompted to enable Flash when you first visit the site. Aside from that, the only change you’ll notice is a safer and more power-efficient browsing experience.

Google Blog August 9th, 2016

Google announced on August 9th, that they will no longer be accepting Flash based websites. Leaving many to ask why Google is taking such an aggressive stance towards Flash websites.


The Reasoning

Flash has served the web community well, in terms of flexibility to convey creativity. However, Flash must be looked at as merely a tool in a web developer’s belt and HTML5, a much newer and more efficient tool arrived on the scene.

With HTML5, a web developer can create a more effecient project that aids in website optimization, which then increases the user’s browsing experience and device battery life. Battery life efficiency is becoming more prominent within the web development community due to the increase in mobile devices browsing the web.

Article Takeaway:

  • Flash is a slow and dated technology
  • Developers can do the same things with HTML5 as Flash, meaning the user will not notice any negative effects
  • HTML5 is much faster and lighter- increases battery efficiency, an important factor in a mobile-oriented world